Engineering & Procurement

Consulting Services

Works ConstructionSurvey
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Sites inspections;
  • Projects technical testing;
  • Cost analysis;

General Project Management

Planning Coordination, planning and control during the Project and particular attention given to relationships with both Customers and Suppliers, in order to pursue the contractual goal.

Particular attention
to relationships
with Customers
and Suppliers.

Basic and Detailed Engineering

Power-Tech staff offer multidisciplinary engineering services in several industrial sectors, Power, Oil & Gas, Chemical, etc.

The following engineering activities and services are carried out in our Novara offices, in site and at customers headquarters, in Italy or abroad.

PlantBasic and detailed engineering
  • Process;
  • Machinery;
  • Piping;
  • Electrical;
  • Instrumentation and Automation;
  • Other systems.


Procurement Warehouse Shipyard

Essential services to issue purchase and contract orders, mainly:

  • Research, suppliers selection, organisation and issue of supply requests;
  • Analysis of suppliers offers, technical and economic alignment, technical and economic final negotiation and purchase orders issue;
  • Checking and monitoring the progress of procurement, on the basis of the "project" planning;
  • Testing service is given to the suppliers by Inspectors with the issue of the "Factory Acceptance Test Report";

Construction and Installations

In relation to Construction and Installation of new systems or Improvement and / or Modifications of existing systems, a company, through its Field & Engineering Services Division, can provide the following services on Site:

  • Administration on site for the organisation, planning and management;
  • Supervising and technical support;
  • Technical assistance during the Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and system Start-up.

Piping Field Plant


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