Field & Engineering Services

Management Services

Our experienced personnel allows to create staff dedicated to monitoring and supervising of international and multidisciplinary contractors.

These Task Forces operate on behalf of Our Customers, attending the suppliers for the best possible work performance in accordance with the planning and the scheduled costs, operating at clients, suppliers, Site or Subcontractors.

Engineering Services

Power Stations and Refineries
  • Supervising and support of system design carried out by third parties;
  • Definition and preparation of Commissioning, Operational and Maintenance Manuals according to Clients' requirements and Regulations;
  • "Client customed" software development for ordinary and extraordinary Planning, Management and Preventive Maintenance of the plant.

Field Services

  • Work supervising during construction;
  • Supervising of HSE activities;
  • Management of Commissioning and Start-up;
  • Management and supervising of Operation and Maintenance activities of the Customer's working personnel;
  • Training of Customer's technical personnel;
  • Possible supply of technical staff for the Operation and Maintenance of the system (long time).


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